Sunday, January 2, 2011

Procrastination & other odds 'N ends

Well...hardly any sewing this weekend.  Although I did get my lining cut out and ready to sew, my piping fabric is washed 'n ready to pipe sew.  LOL.  I've looked up the directions to make my bias strips for the piping and I have my handy dandy Darr Piping Ruler that I'll show you how to use the next time I post.  Now I have to go soak the cording in hot water for 20 minutes and let it dry.  I should have done it yesterday when I washed the lining but hey...that would have been too easy.  LOL. 

With the temperatures being so cold lately, I haven't been able to bicycle much.  I try to ride my circuit whenever the temps are over 38 with very little wind.  I really have to bundle up to ride but I really enjoy getting outside for a little exercise.  Right now I ride about 11-12 miles a day which only takes about 55 minutes, but I hope to change my route when it gets a little warmer so I can increase my mileage and work on my endurance.  I'm not going to compete or anything; I'd just like to get into better shape.  Of course, not eating that piece of corn bread baked in bacon grease last night might not have been a good idea.  LOL.

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