Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some News...

My plans to make a spring jacket have been postponed for now.  I found out late last week Alan and I will be attending a 50th wedding celebration, vow reaffirmation and reception on June the 2nd in OKC.  It will be a formal affair.  I've had a pattern waiting in the wings for just such an opportunity.  And, it just so happens, I was meeting Claire Kennedy in OKC for lunch Saturday.  Talk about all the planets being aligned! LOL.  After lunch we ran over to  Helen Enox and browsed fabrics.  I found a beautiful dusky purple dupioni for the slacks and shell.  I really wanted lace for the jacket but we just couldn't find anything we both liked.  But we found some really cool burnout silk chiffon that is fantastic.

This the look I'm going to try to achieve, although I'll probably make the pants a tad longer.  Both the shell and the pants will be lined.  I'll probably make the jacket first since there's really not a lot of fitting involved with it.  I don't have a trouser TNT, so I'll have to make a muslin and I've enlisted Claire's help in tweaking it.  Since I'll be cutting the shell out with the leftovers from the pants, I'll wait to do both pieces until after the jacket and the pants muslin is complete.

 Don't you just love the colors? 



  1. I love this pattern, have this pattern. I love fly-away jackets. It will be gorgeous made up in that beautiful chiffon.

  2. Oh that is pretty fabric! Just my colors. You are going to look stunning!