Saturday, January 29, 2011

CJ - The Good...Finally

If you recall, my last post mentioned getting some good advise from the gals on the Stitcher's Guild JAM.  Well I posted the sewn results again and Nancy Erickson of  also gave me some wonderful tips.  As a result of Nancy's suggestions, I think my muslin is just about complete.  I want to narrow the sleeves just a touch and shorten them about 2 inches which will bring them to just below my elbow.  Here are a couple of pictures.  Note: I haven't done the changes to the sleeves yet.

I've found lots of really good information at the Stitcher's Guild
you might want to check it out when you get a chance.  Everyone is very nice and very willing to help.

This muslin looks so much better than the first couple.  I'm very please with the results.  Here's just what I did to get the fit.  First off, I went back to the drawing board and cut out a 16, normal for me, grading up to the next size plus insurance for hips.  I'm 5'8"; which means I'm 2 inches taller than the 5'6" person they drafted the commercial patten for.  So I moved the waist down 2 inches and added 3 inches at the hem for a length that is more attractive for my figure.  I also did a narrow shoulder adjustment and removed 5/8" of an inch.  Wallah!

This shows the side front and here I've dropped the waistline and added 3 inches to the bottom of the piece. 

Here we see the narrow shoulder adjustment I made to the pattern.  This adjustment only had to be made on 2 pieces.  But all 4 (2 fronts & 2 backs) had to have the waist dropped and the addition at the hemline.


  1. wow, that fit looks great now! Good on you for taking the time to redo it.

  2. Looks really good! Good for you, working through all those muslins. It really paid off.

  3. Thanks! I couldn't do without all the help!