Sunday, January 23, 2011

CJ - The Ugly Truth

Ugh.  Well, if I didn't know before, I certainly know it now.  The pictures on the pattern face don't always match the pattern reality.  The pattern picture jacket looks longer, but in actuality, its a high hip length almost waist height.  And the ugly truth is that photos add about 20 pounds to me and I don't look good with a high hip length anything.  LOL.  Oh, and part of the Ugly truth could be the white fabric I used to make my first muslin.  So here are the pictures and my analysis of what I think needs to be done.

 The first thing I see are drag lines at each shoulder.  I'm going to take 1/4" inch out starting at the shoulder and narrowing to nothing at the neck on both sides.
The next is the sleeves are really drafted large.  I'm going to remove 2 1/4" inches from the under-sleeve, starting at the hem and narrowing to nothing at the armseye seam allowance.
Since the jacket is too short for my body type, I'll add 3 inches in length at the lengthen/shorten lines on each of the 2 fronts and 2 back pattern pieces.
I don't care for the high neckline too much so I folded it down a little.  I may deepen the curve of the neckline a bit later.  But that's a change I can make once I have the structural changes done to my satisfaction.

Now off the make the pattern changes...more later!

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