Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bullion Roses...

If you've been reading this blog for anytime now, you'll know I teach sewing to adults.  As I learn new techniques, I pass them onto my students.  Well I'm just crazy over bullion roses, especially when done in buttons.  I've been recommending a book "A-Z of Bullion Embroidery" from Inspiration Books, Country Bumpkin Publications, Australia.  They publish a whole series of books on fine/heirloom sewing. 

It appears the above book is getting very hard to find.  I don't know if they aren't publishing it any longer or what.  There are very few people who have published tutorials on bullion embroidery but I follow another blog La Sewista! aka Bunny, who does wonderful heirloom sewing and she has many tutorials on her blog site.  I found one for the bullion stitch which might help those of you who couldn't find the book.  Here is her addy

Now my bullion's aren't perfect; they are a work in progress but I figure if you get that close to me to see they aren't perfect - YOUR TOO DANG CLOSE!   LOL.

They can be a beautiful, unexpected touch on an otherwise plain shirt or blouse.  You would be surprised how many women have asked where they can purchase the embroidery design so they can machine embroider it.  LOL

You'll have hours of wonderful reading on Bunny's site.  I know I did.  Check it out!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm not in Love

Sigh.  I know; not a good start when you see that.   Well, I mentioned in the previous post that I had a couple of things to get off my plate before I could start one of the new Stylearc patterns that had arrived.  I have been dying to make Sewing Workshop's Icon shirt.  One of the girls in our OK in Stitches group made it up and wore to one of our meetings and I just loved it on her.  Here I thought "Ok girl you're getting out of your comfort zone and trying something different".  I should have known better. 

My first problem was trying to figure out how to tissue fit the dang thing.  This blouse has 11 pieces!  A right front, a left front, a right back and a left back; plus a left back extension.   Sheesh!  So I kind of muddled my way through it and decided on a medium.  It really looked like it was going to be fairly big and I would just be able to take it in where needed.  Because EVERY piece is different, you must cut it out on a single layer of fabric.  Ugh!  This was starting to be way too work.  I decided to use a soft blue chambray that's been in my stash for a few years.  I think it's from JoAnn's. 

Here are my pics.  I'm not quite done; still have the buttons to sew on but this is it.  I'm not sure how much I'll wear this or if I'll even make it again.  I think it's going to be one of those shirts that always need constant arranging & adjusting and frankly, that's not my cup of tea. 

I did lengthen all 5 pattern pieces by 2 inches to get a length that would work with my height.  I didn't like how long the back pieces were when they were finished.  The proportion just didn't look right to me.  So I wound up taking the 2 inches out that I added in the beginning.  And, of course had to make all those mitered corners AGAIN.  This blouse is a lot of work what with all the top-stitching and mitered corners.  And I found that a couple of the pieces were only laid over the top of other pieces (the back and the left side extension), not making the tuck that it looked like in the tech drawings.

Here's the back after shortening.  And as you can see, I did add a little light stitching designs as my fabric was so plain.  Dandelions blowing in the breeze.  LOL. 

This picture is the inside of the left side extension.  It's my save for the shirt.  The hips wound up being too tight so instead of the simple overlap the pattern directions wanted I choose to angle it out and sew it down again by retracing my top stitching. 

I'm disappointed.  It's a nice shirt but just not a style for me I guess. 


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stylearc Patterns are here!

It's been a very busy week what with celebrating birthdays, embroidery club, finishing items for upcoming deadlines (still not done with that), and teaching.  So when my patterns arrived, it was a welcome diversion.  So without further ado, here are my choices:

I thought this top had lots of color blocking possibilities.  Not sure about the pockets on the hips, but a princess-line Tee is pretty cute.

I LOVE the look of this Tee with a built-in cami.  I will probably make it not so form-fitting as I just don't need everyone to see my lumps and bumps.  LOL.
The Suzie was my freebie.  It has possibilities.  You can make this as fitted or as loose as you please by just not using the darts.
I have been drooling over this blouse ever since I found Stylearc.  I see color blocking here and also (a real biggie for me) I see lots of embroidering going on with this one.  Tone-on-tone embroidery on the yoke and front panels.  Yum!

I was really intrigued with this style pant.  The side seams are moved to the front of the pant.  Cute!  I think I'll have to have several pair to wear with some the of tunics I plan on making. 

This pattern could even double as winter cycling pants if I can find the right fabric.

So, what do you think?  Have any of you made the Stylearc plunge?  And what did you think of the one size in the pattern?  I ordered my typical size 16 fulling expecting to make room for my hips.  I ordered an 18 in the Wallis pant.

That's all I've got for today...