Saturday, January 29, 2011

On Lemons and Snow Storms

I'm sitting here looking at my Meyer Lemon Tree while making up a list of all the errands I need to run before the "significant snow event", so the weatherman says, arrives on Tuesday.  Grocery store, PetsMart, de-icer...Ugh.  The last time they talked "significant snow event" we wound up with 10 inches of snow on the top of 2 inches of ice.  The lemon tree cheers me up though.  LOL.  When a plant can produce blooms while still holding onto the most wonderful tasting fruit, well, I call that significant.  Before I found my little tree, I was given a Williams Sonoma book on making ice cream.  There's a recipe for Meyer Lemon Sorbet.  Yummmm.  And until I started doing research on the Meyer Lemon, I didn't realize they were a sweet lemon with loads of juice.  Here's a picture of my little tree.  Maybe it will cheer you up too. 

More later...

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