Sunday, June 3, 2012

Anniversary Bash...

This weekend we attended the 50th wedding anniversary re-affirmation ceremony and reception in Yukon, Ok which is a suburb of OKC.  It was a 2 hour drive on Friday evening.  We spent the night at a Comfort Suites hotel close to the venue.  We've known this couple for over 20 years and are great friends with their son and his wife having worked with him at the Space Center while living in Florida.  It was fun and great to see everyone again.  We even made a few new friends in the family.  

I thought you might like to see the outfit/ensemble I labored over for so many weeks.  Here I am again squinting in the sunlight all duded up.  LOL.
There was all manner of dress at the reception from tons of rhinestones to couldn't be bothered blue jeans.  I placed somewhere in the middle which I was happy to see.  



  1. Belinda, You look WONDERFUL! I just love the fabric and colors.
    I bet you were the only one with a custom made outfit.

  2. Oh! So pretty! I just love it! Very nice job, gorgeous colors.

  3. The outfit is just lovely, and you look beautiful!

  4. Belinda you look stunning in that outfit - I love the choice of fabric/colours - you didn't need the rhinestones to stand out.

    1. Thank you! Those colors are some of my favorites.

  5. You look beautiful. Your outfit is perfect for the occasion. Gorgeous.

  6. That looks great - thanks for sharing. Don't worry about a squint - we're all looking at you from the neck down! :-)

  7. Hi, may I say as a newbie to your blog, I absolutely admire your talent. Your silk outfit is absolutely beautiful. Well done.