Tuesday, June 19, 2012

B5611 for real this time

Remember this back facing piece created in my post about B5611?  We'll be using it on this shirt.

I found this really pretty lightweight, poly/cotton pinstripe at Hancock Fabrics of all places.  Perfect summer weight fabric.  I starched this bit of fabric, serged the edge with matching pink thread and sewed one of my newly made labels to it.

Note:  In case you didn't know, starch gives added body, making it easier to handle a thin fabric.

Then I just pinned it to the inside back and sewed it down with a 2.5mm straight stitch. 

I also got the front bands sewn and the left pocket attached.

Here's the resulting shirt.  Again I just love how it fits and feels.  It's like wearing nothing.  LOL.  There's just enough shaping for it to be flattering, yet comfortable at the same time.

If you look closely, you can see the sewing around the facing I placed on the inside back.  Remind you of rtw?  LOL.

I've made another in white, with white on white embroidery.  I'll put pictures of it up soon.


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