Thursday, June 7, 2012

Show and Tell Time...

I think you remember me mentioning I teach on Wednesdays.  I have anywhere from 4 - 6 students at a time.  We recently completed a class project of embroidering and sewing Vogue 8708.  3 of my students actually made it for the photo op; unfortunately our 4th student, Judy, had to work today.  I just have to brag about them.  LOL.  They did such a great job on all of their shirts!
From left to right, we have Betty in her hot pink linen, then Carol as ever in purple linen, Cheryl in her rusty rose linen and finally me in my pink.  I'm so proud of them!



  1. You all did a great job! I used to teach sewing to young girls ages 7 - 12 or so where we used to live. I've considered teaching adults here but I'm not sure it will fly in the country where they have to travel so far to get to me.

  2. Wonderful! You taught them well, obviously, and I'm sure they are as proud of themselves as you are of them.

    1. Thank you Gwen. Several of my ladies have never really done any garment sewing so they are very happy with what they have accomplished. It's made them want more. I'm turning into an enabler.