Friday, June 15, 2012

McCall's T-shirt 6566

If you look at the pattern photos, the young girls wearing these T-shirts have the arms cut out of the photos.  Even this picture I pulled from the pattern website, didn't show you both arms and I'll bet they have it pinned behind her.  They didn't want you to see how bad it looks.  I made up view D, without the pocket, to test for fit.  I cut out the size L (size 16-18) and made it up in some lightweight french terry I had left over from another project.  Funny, its almost the same color as the Tee with the lace overlay.  And it's not typically I color I can wear.  Yeah, well...we all screw up in our color choices now and then.  LOL.  But it is a good test fabric to use for the Tee. 

It's a totally easy shirt to make up and I made it as they did in the pattern instructions.  But I had the foresight (thank goodness!) to pin fit the sides.  If you make it up with no changes, you will be wearing a bag!  Sooo, I wound up making a few changes.  LOL. 

As you can see by the picture to the right, I laid both the front and back pattern pieces on top of each other matching up the side and underarm seams.  I kept the pieces I removed from the top and used them to make my changes to the pattern pieces.  I didn't mess with the length.  It seemed just fine to me. 

I do like the pattern after making these changes.  And I'll probably make it up several times.  I like the lace overlay and have some in my stash so I'll be making that version.  I especially like the striped view too.  You could also color block the striped view and I think that would be a fun look.

Here's the front where I rescued it from total plainness by embroidering a John Deere lace design on a scrap of fabric and did a raw edge applique to the front.  Even tho it's a muslin, it's wearable and I like it.  LOL. Oh one warning.  The neckline is a little wider than I like so the next time I make it, I will be fixing that.  But for some dumb reason, it doesn't gape when you bend over. 

Oh I thought you might like to see the lace applique up close too. 

The front hemline is shorter than the back.  I like that; I think it's rather flattering and it seems to hit me in just the right spot.  But remember I'm 5'8" and if you're shorter, you will want to shorten it.

Overall, I like it!


  1. How about trying the T-Shirt hack project started by
    with the free tshirt pattern download.

  2. You know it's real hard to read a pattern to figure out if there's a decent cut on this.....a couple of things I look for is on the instructions to see if there's any shape at all in the side seam - a waist or above waist dip; then look for darting, and if there isn't any, we all benefit from an SBA/FBA, even if you don't do anything below the waist, a dart to the side is a life-saver; and the third thing is some sort of shaping through center front with a seam and maybe the center back (if not with back darts).

    But (aside from the darts) it's really hard to see if the cut and shape of the garment really has any's a crap shoot!

    1. Hey! Actually this pattern had NO shaping at all. Taking it in a bit certainly helped. Glad you're back!

  3. Thanks for this good info. This pattern is on my maybe list. I am also 5'8" and would wear a large, so I'll make your changes and see if it helps.

    1. Hi Angela! I have a bunch of friends who have been looking at this one too; I try to make it up so they can see whether it's worth the time & money. Hope it works for you!

      Btw, I removed your other comment since it was a duplicate.

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