Saturday, May 26, 2012

Butterick 5611 part deux

As you may recall, I've made this pattern before and liked it for the most part.  The only part that I didn't anticipate is the "cupping" action of the peplum in the back.  I wish they would include pictures of a "real" model with the pattern made up so you can actually see details like that.  Because it certainly doesn't look like that on the pattern. have this "feature".  Now if you are slim & have no butt, it's okay, but if like me, you do have a butt, this really doesn't work for you.  So I opened up the seam, cut off the extra fabric which created a center seam on the peplum and  removed the offending tucks.  This is what you end up with when you don't do a muslin of a feature you've never tried before.  LOL.  Here's a quick picture of the end result.  Yeah I have worn it and sat on it, hence the wrinkles.  LOL.

It lays nice and flat now and I can live with it.  LOL.

What I'm going to show you now is my re-make of the pattern to create a cool summer blouse that I JUST LOVE.

Here's a few pictures describing the changes I made.

This last picture to the right is a back facing I created (by tracing the shape off the back pattern piece) so I could attach one of my newly embroidered labels. 

The next few pictures are all of my muslin made from some quilting fabric I had lying around.  I really like how it turned out.
Oh, one other slight change I made to the pattern was to square off the collar stand.  This version has baby piping at the forward shoulder seam.  I also sewed a little triangle of fabric onto the hemline at one side for some added interest.  I know it looks like the bra is showing at the underarm, but it doesn't when I actually have it on.  Ruby isn't shaped exactly like I am, hence the difference.  I'm really lovin' this pattern.  I can see I'll be making this up in several variations for summer wear. 


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