Friday, January 6, 2012

Two Things...

I've finished my fourth pair of jeans.  The third pair was black 100% polyester (of all things) and looked like black denim.  I finished them just before we left for Xmas vacation with the family.  I've already worn the heck out of them.  This current pair is out of a regular dark wash denim with the pocket bags and inside waistband fashioned out of some quilting cottons I've had for 20 years.  I keep tweaking the pattern here and there and I think I might just have it perfect now.  LOL.  The only thing I might add is a watch pocket and that's just because I like the look.  Now I've had to lighten these pictures because of course I couldn't take them when the light was at its best, now could I?  LOL. 

No the zipper isn't purple, really.  LOL.  It's navy just like the denim.  For some reason its registering as purple with the camera.  One thing I want to mention is on the first 3 pair of jeans, I played it safe and pretty much used the same color of thread to do my topstitching.  With this pair I felt confident enough to use a contrasting color.  And I'm glad I did.  If I must say the color looks really good.  

This topstitching thread is Levi gold from Atlanta Thread Co.  I'd had issues in the past using heavier threads and just since I've been making jeans the user issue has cleared up.  LOL.  I didn't have one skipped stitch this time.  

Oh did you know that BMV was having another sale?  Well somehow these patterns just fell into my shopping basket and they arrived today.  

I can see each of these made up into spring jackets, next fall/winter coats, and a spring/summer tops.  

That's all I have for today!


  1. Really great looking jeans. I started fine tuning a jeans pattern last year, got distracted and haven't gotten back to it. I must do that soon!

  2. Love your jeans - not something I have tackled yet...
    As for the jumping patterns, your Vogue 1262 also jumped into my basket - looking forward to seeing your version made up...

  3. Beautiful work, Belinda!


  4. Doobee64; great minds right? LOL. I'm not sure yet but I have a bright, spring-like silk that might fit the bill for 1262!

    Linda most definitely get back to those jeans! You'll thank yourself and then make a hundred pair.

    Thank you Elaine and Pam!!! They're fun to make.