Sunday, January 15, 2012

Embroidery progress

I now have a few pictures of the first piece of embroidered fabric and a little explanation of what it took to get there. This piece shows an arrow with the grain of the fabric and a chalk drawing of the outline of my pattern piece.  This particular piece is the right front of the peplum.

Here I've shown marked cross hairs of the design placement.  

This is the completed embroidery.   I use Designer's Gallery Customworks II to edit the designs.  This program gives you tons of flexibility in altering and combining designs.  If you're interested, the designs I used, were purchased from OESD  design set #12281.   It's a set of about 30 single designs that you combine in a layout that's pleasing to you.  This is the second time I've used this set.  It took two hoopings to fill the chalked outline.  These designs are mostly simple bean stitch (or triple stitch) with a tiny bit of satin stitch thrown in.  I used one layer of Sulky's Tear Easy a soft, lightweight, tear-away stabilizer.   I also use Madeira Rayon embroidery thread.  I have a huge collection of it since I've been purchasing it for over 20 years. 

You'll notice some of my embroidery crosses the chalked lines.  No big deal.  These are the cutting lines.  What you do need to pay attention to is the seam line which is 5/8" in from the cut line.  Pay particular attention to removing all of the stabilizer from the seam lines that have embroidery encroaching into them.  If you don't remove it, you'll have a really thick, stiff seam and it could affect the hang of garment when complete.

I'm working on the left front now.  There's only the back peplum to complete.  

That's all for today!


  1. Really enjoyed the information on your embroidery - will it only be on the peplum of your jacket??? Certainly a lot of thought and planning going into this one...

    1. Thank you Doobee. Yes only the peplum this time. I think it will be enough. One of things about embroidery is you have to know when to say "enough".