Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project Vest

I'm starting a new project.  This very, easy Vogue pattern 8713 will be a class I'll teach at B-Sew Inn.  We'll be making view A and I'm making mine out of two colors of linen I ordered from  I've washed and dried my linen and its awaiting pressing on the ironing board.

I really like the look of the vest and in the back it looks to have a little flounce.  I really don't do well with a bigger anything in the "back" since I'm a pear shape.  So I planned on taking the flounce away.  

See?  A Flounce.  Minimal to be sure, but still more than you need when you have too much booty.  LOL.

So far I have my pieces cut out.  I started with a 16 (the smallest size in this pattern envelope) at the shoulder, neck and armhole area.  Then I cut an 18 for the side seams.  I made a quick tissue fit against Ruby and it looks longer than usual so only added 1 inch in length on the front and back pieces. 

The following pictures I took with my iPad2 instead of my Nikon.  I thought "what the heck"?  LOL.  This is a side shot where you can see the one inch in length I added both front and back.  It actually brought the top of the flounce down to my waist in the back and sides.  And look at the flounce.  It's really not much of one is it?  It actually just seems to skim the body with no real extra material.  I'm liking it!  Its a slimming look.  

Here's the back view.  Okay, this is no where near to covering my a**.  See the red arrow?  It's pointing to a white dot, which is a straight pin.  That's where I usually like tops to end.  I'm going to have to make an actual muslin and take a photo of it to make sure this will look alright to me.  Otherwise, I might be adding a couple of inches to the back.  We'll see how it goes.  And yes I know that's more like 6 inches in the picture but we may be talking compromise here. LOL.

Now to analyzing the front view.  Not bad.  I haven't put in a FBA yet.  I want to see what this will look like first in a muslin before I make that change.  If you look at the pattern drawing, you'll see the fronts overlap.  You know what?  I'll just bet that's going to flap around and drive me nuts.  LOL.  I might have to have a large, decorative button.  But that decision can wait until I'm done.  

The pattern says this is a close-fitting vest.  It's looking like I can take a good inch out of the side seams.  I'll be checking that in the muslin too.

I really want this vest pattern to work out since I'd like to make up another out of denim.  Vogue shows it made up on the pattern site and it's pretty darn cute.

Well, this is all I have for today.  Off to make up the muslin and report back. 


  1. Excellent, patient fitting - it will be worth it. Don't forget with the back view that you will have a little top on under this vest, which will sit at your 'pin' level. The vest is just to jazz up the look over the top. Looking forward to your muslin...

  2. So glad you are making this one. I have the pattern (I'm much larger than you) so I am interested in your take on the overall fit and the "flounce" in the back as well. I had considered making the other view because it was shorter and didn't have the flounce... I am so looking forward to your assessment and muslins..
    Lynn in Manassas,VA