Sunday, January 8, 2012

V8713 Muslin

So far, I'm not impressed.  I think I really to need to do a FBA before I can evaluate the look of this pattern objectively.    Here are some pictures.  I was right in thinking Vogue was wrong in saying this was a close fitting vest.  I probably could have gotten away with a 14 at the shoulders and underarm area.  

I've pinned out 7/8" out narrowing down to nothing at the peplum seam.  Inside the pinned out piece is the 5/8" seam first sewn. 

Ah, here is the really ugly front view.  GAH!  I'm not sure this will be a successful look for me.  

Talk about Madonna in her glory days!  

The left side has been pinned with the smaller side seam.  Right is unaltered.  

Now off to make that FBA!

1 comment:

  1. The pinned out side is a much more flattering shape, this is coming along well. I think this vest will surprise you in the end (in a positive way!!!)