Sunday, January 22, 2012

V8713 Done...Almost

This is a very easy Vogue pattern.  And I do think it's pretty easy...except for one thing.  You deal with a lot of bias edges.  I was very careful and I still had a few issues with stretch.  If you are careful, you'll do fine.  But if this was made by someone new to sewing, they could have lots of problems with pieces no longer fitting together because of the bias stretching.  That said, it's a nice vest.  And, here's another caveat - you need a waist dart in this vest if you are a C cup and up.  If you don't put one in, it looks like a bag hanging off your front.  LOL.  If you read my previous posts & looked at the pictures while muslin fitting the pattern, you'll agree with me.  It looks so much better with a little bit of shaping.  So here are a few pictures.

I have the front pinned closed.  I think it hangs and looks better this way.  I really hate floppy things.  LOL.  I walked around the house with it on and it just flapped all over.  So NOT going to happen with this girl.  LOL.  So the vest is done except for a finding the right button.  I'll probably run over to the Cloth Merchants and check out what they have available after I check out my stash.  

Here's the lining.  I got super lucky; JoAnn's had Ambiance lining in the 2 colors I was using and they matched!  Can you believe it?  It'll never happen again.  LOL.  If you look at the picture closer, you'll see I did a machine feather stitch to the grey lining edge.  I thought it looked nice.     


  1. That's very pretty. Good job handling those bias edges, which can be very annoying and stretch from here to there!

    1. Thank you Gwen! It was a little hairy but not too bad.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun. And you know how I do love to incorporate embroidery into a project. LOL