Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tunic & Slim pants - almost complete

Hopefully I can post the pictures of the fabric Blogger was giving me a hard time about a couple days ago.  Sigh.  Here's my fabric choices.  Finally Blogger cooperates.  LOL.

I know they aren't very summery colors but I believe I can wear the pants into winter and make them 3 seasons versus just 1. 

In the following pictures of the Tunic, you'll see what I mean by the back cupping the butt area.  LOL.  I really like the pattern and will make it again, but I'll be making a plain back to minimize my bootie.  First is a full shot of the tunic.  Instead of one pocket, I did two.  I haven't had 2 pockets in a while and thought I'd change it up.  I did tons of top stitching on this top too.  Much more than called for by the pattern.

One potential problem I encountered in this pattern is their treatment of the armhole on the sleeveless version.  In the pattern, they tell you to just turn it under 5/8 and sew it down.  Well...that just won't make a nice finish.  Geeezz.  The very bottom of the armhole where you sew front to back is NOT rounded.  It almost creates a v-shape.  I chose to round it out a little with my trusty rotary cutter and also cut out 1 inch stripes of the same fabric for bias binding of the armhole.  Much more professional and finished looking in my opinion.

Here's a closeup of the top showing some of that top stitching. 

Ah a picture of the pleating in the back panel causing fatal booty cup.  LOL.

And here's the Oh So Lovely side view.  LOL.

All I have left to do is make buttonholes and sew on the cool buttons I found for it. 

The pants are almost complete too.  I only need to install the elastic at the waistline and hem.  

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