Sunday, July 24, 2011

B5364 - OOP Lifestyle Wardrobe Complete!

Huh...I can't believe but I actually finished the two pieces today.   I really thought I would get lazy.  The hem is done on the top and the pants made.  I used a OOP Simplicity pattern, #8740, for the pants.  Since I already have them sized for stretch fabrics, I just used it instead of trying to fit the ones included in B5364.  Believe it or not, I cut on the XS cutting line.  LOL.  Don't you just love negative ease?

Alan was in a cooperative mood and we got shots of me actually modeling the outfit instead of my dress form Ruby.  LOL.

Man the camera really puts the pounds on you doesn't?  LOL.  This is not my most slimming of jackets but it is comfy.  If I'd added darts, it might have looked a bit better in that aspect.  Oh well.  Next time...probably not.  One jacket like this is enough for my wardrobe. 

Alan knows how to cut the top of my head off and catch me with my eyes closed - all in one shot! Whoohoo!

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