Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's a Wadder - KS 3801

Isn't this a cute pattern?  Especially view B in red?  Well I thought so too.  But, alas, it's not for me.

I love the look but I think you have to be 12 and skinny to wear it.  LOL.  Every now and then JoAnn's will have knits on sale really cheap.  I purchased a couple of yards the last time out and used it to make up a muslin of view B. 

I made up a size large which correlates to my usual size 16 up top.

Here is the result below on Ruby.

Granted, these are not colors I normally wear.  I don't do green.  Green makes olive skin turn yellow.  But aside from the color of the cotton knit.  Its awful.  It looks like you're just wearing a sack.  I modeled it for Alan he hated it too.

I tried looking up reviews on Patternreview but there weren't any.   Like I said earlier, I cut the large.  But the description of view B said "DEEP" neckline.  I cut the medium.  Ha!  With this pattern you would have really raise the neckline several inches to keep from giving everyone a peep show whenever you bent over.

Ugh, this one goes on the donate pile.

I went looking through my patterns and found a couple to try for cute t-shirt so I should have some progress tomorrow.


  1. Belinda, I see the younger women wearing these over their colored bras or T-tops. They are about a size Small or Xtra Small.
    I think in a solid color and a size smaller it might be something you might like.

  2. Thanks for the support Angie. Yeah I agree maybe a smaller size would be better, but frankly, I have so many patterns to try that I've already gone onto the next one. And it was much more successful.