Monday, July 4, 2011

Blueberry Preserves...

Well I spent most of yesterday afternoon making a batch of preserves from part of the crop we picked and froze.  It turned out really nice.  If you go to the web site  you can find good low sugar or even no sugar recipes for all sorts of fruits.  I used a lower sugar recipe and its delicious.  The recipe made a bit too much for the number of jars I had sterilized so we ate the excess over vanilla ice cream last night.  LOL.  Here is a picture of the fruits of my labor.  LOL.  Sorry...couldn't resist the pun.

We grow about 4 different varieties of high-bush blueberries in our backyard.  We only have 8 bushes in 2 large raised beds, but this year has been a banner year for berries.  We're still picking but to date have about 25 pounds put up.  We try to go as organic as possible too. 

These 7 jars only took about 8 cups of berries.

My next recipe to test is Blueberry Chipotle BBQ sauce.  I can't wait.  LOL.

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