Sunday, July 17, 2011

Off Topic...

Every now and then I'll post about my nephew Matthew.

As you may remember, Matthew is in US Army and in Afghanistan; his second tour I believe.  I was talking to my sister this morning and she told me his outfit hit yet another IED.  He was in the hospital with his second concussion and this is the 4th IED his truck has hit. He's scheduled to come home sometime in August.  I hope you all will join me in keeping him in your thoughts.

More later...


  1. In my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted.

  2. Thanks Debbie! We all can't wait to get him home safely.

  3. I will keep your nephew in my prayers. Our nephew just came home from 7 months in Afghanistan. He's in the Marines. Helicopter. This was his third tour of duty. One was in Irag. The last two in Afghanistan. He is married with two little girls. He is not sure he is going to continue in the Marines. Especially if he has to go back overseas. I hope your nephew comes home safe and sound---soon. August is not that far off. I didn't know we had to stay on topic with blogs! :o) I enjoy reading yours, no matter the topic. I especially love your garden and sewing postings. Take care.

  4. I'll be praying for Matthew and his unit. I hope he recovers quickly and comes home safely.