Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Patterns

Lots of new patterns have been hitting the shelves of the major pattern companies.  I really haven't seen a whole lot that I was really interested in except these few.  And I picked them up just the other day.
I love the silhouette of this almost boxy french jacket.  And since it's a new Claire Shaeffer, I had to have it.
WTH?  What's up with this pose for crying out loud?  I love this Katherine Tilton design but the model is going to fall on her as*.  Makes me want to push her with one finger and see her overbalanced.  LOL.  I can see lots of possibilities for this pattern.  I've been collecting fabrics for another of her patterns I already own. I'm going to shock you.  I'm seriously thinking about a few summer dresses to wear.  I've been convinced by a couple of friends they are a lot cooler to wear in the Oklahoma heat.  Anyway I loved this one.
Here's another dress I thought would be nice.  A very simple shape with color blocking possibilities to make it more interesting.  And this pose is one only a young girl could do.  I'd have to have help getting back up.  I'm afraid my over 50 knees just wouldn't be able to handle it.  LOL.
And last but not least in the dress category, this cute amazing fit dress.  I could see myself in view B, the short sleeve version and there are definite color blocking opportunities with this dress as well.
And now back to my slouchy, laid back at home wear.  LOL.  I just LOVED this Tee.  Especially the little lace version and the striped one.  Can anyone say COLOR BLOCK?  LOL.  I have color blocking on the brain.  I've been wanting to try it for months now and just haven't had the opportunity. 

And now back to sewing the pants that go with the shell.



  1. I bought the ClaireShaeffer jacket pattern too. Now that you've done a couture shell, maybe you'll make a true Chanel jacket from that pattern.

    1. I think (from what I hear) lots of people have purchased the pattern. The "french" jacket seems to be having a resurgence in popularity.

      I've collected a couple of boucle's with this in mind. But not sure when I'll make it. Possibly this fall.