Friday, May 18, 2012

Wedding Anniversary Outfit Done!

Oh I'm so happy to finally have these pants done.  I was beginning to think I would never get this outfit off my plate.  LOL

I hope to get pictures of me in the outfit at the reception and when I do, I'll put the pictures up here.

First, I thought I would show you the shoes I got to wear with it.

Love, love these shoes!  So comfy too.  It took about 2 hours at Dillard's to find them.  The poor shoe clerk.  LOL.  She earned her pay that day.  I know I tried on at least 10 pairs of shoes. 

And here are the pants.
I know; not very exciting.  But they are lined and the lower leg is underlined so I could hem the Dupioni without having it show through.  The lining hangs free. 

 And finally, a picture of the whole outfit hanging together. 



  1. Fantastic. You will look stunning.

  2. This is gorgeous! Just found your site through Claire Kennedy's blog. It's great to have a look around. I have a fancy Janome that does embroidery, but I don't really use it. I bought it to make my daughter and Irish Dance dress, which I managed to do, but now I'm not really inspired to use the embroidery capabilities because she has quit Irish Dancing. I think if I nose around your blog, I may find some inspiration!

    1. Hi Karin and thank you! I love embroidery and surely there will be something to inspire you here. LOL.