Friday, December 2, 2011

Quick, Easy Tunic...

 Ha!  I usually find a way to make something not so quick or easy.  LOL. 

Today I'm starting what should be an easy Vogue tunic pattern.  I saw V8708 made up in Vogue Pattern magazine an issue or two back and liked what I saw.  I already had the pattern in my stash.  It just so happens that gray is really hot this fall.  And that turns out to be really convenient as I've been making a few things out different grays like the jeans I just finished.  I have a nice washed grey linen I picked up from The Cloth Merchants and will be making a loose, easy going top.  I'll be making view B, the blue top in the center.

I also thought I would like some embroidery.  Come on!  LOL.  You know me by now.  I have to put embroidery on almost everything!  And this top is such a blank canvas that needs something to pick it up a notch.  You know the chef that hosts "Diners, Drive-ins & Dives"?  Guy Fieri?  Well I just love the shirts he wears.  You know, with embroidery or screen printing down one side of the shirt or even both?  I thought it might be cool if I tried something like that on this tunic top.  Why should the guys only have cool shirts anyway?

So started playing around and came up with this concept picture.   

I'm playing around with different designs to make this vertical border.  I've also cut out all the pieces except the left front.  I'm going to embroider it first, then cut it out.  As you know from following for awhile, this is my normal mode of embroidery.  

If this shirt turns out, I may be making several, especially since it looks pretty comfy.  

I've debuted several designs and this is my fav.  It's fairly large, at just a bit over 5X7.  Because I had a fabric sample cut, I reduced it just a bit to make it fit the 5X7 hoop.  I using 2 layers of Sulky's Tear Easy tear-away stabilizer and that proved to be just right for this design.  I want to be able to remove most, if not all of the stabilizer.

Remember by clicking on the picture, you can enlarge to get a better view of the design.  

I'll have more for you tomorrow!

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