Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Reading...

Looky, looky... Amazon dropped these off at my door yesterday.  I snagged these because at some point in the new year, I'm going to sew my first faux suede projects.  Sawyer Brook had a great sale on Equestrian Suede, a lovely muted grape color.  I got it for $10 a yard; it was $40 a yard.  I just couldn't pass it up.  4 yards made it into my hot little hands.  LOL.  When I received it, it was pretty stiff and I wondered if I had made a mistake.  I wrote to Sawyer Brooks staff and asked for washing instructions.  You just wash on cool and dry on low.  It came out so soft and lovely.  I'm really happy with the hand.  

I figure that's enough to make a vest for a starter and then move onto suede jacket of some sort.  So once I read and then select patterns, I'll be off to a great start at learning to work with a fabric I've never tried before.  

More later...

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