Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Linen Tunic V8708 Done!!!

Yawzah!  LOL.  I'm really lovin this tunic.  I've taken several shots of the inside because I wanted you to see all of the finish work I did.  Every single seam has been serged and top stitched.  With a loose weave like linen, you really do need to finish every seam.  

I wanted you to see the shirt on Ruby first.  Notice anything?  I modeled it and really thought I would like it much better if I added shoulder pads.  My shoulders slope a bit so by adding a 3/8" pad, its leveled and is much nicer in my opinion.

Here you can see the actual shoulder pads.  They are removable.  I hate how these simple pattern finish the collar on the inside so I used a strip of bias fabric in a matching print.  Much nicer.  I also attached one of my newer labels.  I'm not sure I'll like it, but we'll try it and see.  You can see some of the finishing I've done to the inside.

Another inside view, this time of the front.  I love how using a couple layers of tear-away stabilizer leaves such a nice, clean finish on the inside.

And finally, here I am...squinting in the late afternoon sun...out in the cold...freezing my patootie all for the blog.  LOL.  I didn't wear the new grey jeans as they are in the wash.  But I am wearing the blue ones.  I love the easy, wear-ability of this top.  I was looking through the stash and spotted several likely candidates for more versions.  I have some black peach skin and a black stripe, a black jacquard.  Oh well you get it.  LOL.  It's pretty obvious I like it. 



  1. You always do such beautiful embroideries. You like the tone-on-tone, as do I. That's a pretty tunic, and I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing it.

  2. Thank you Gwen! I really love this pattern.

  3. Love your attention to detail - both inside and out!!! Just discovered your blog, so off for a peek around...

  4. This is be-youtuful! You do such sophisticated embroideries.