Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Winter Robe...

Today I'll show you my fabric choices and the pattern I'll be using to create the robe.  This Vogue pattern is an OOP I've had for quite some time.  Just love the look but never got around to making it up.  Well now, its going to morph into a robe pattern.  LOL.  As you can see by my totally unskilled drawing talents, I've tried to sketch out a longer version of the top.  Its going to be either ankle length or mid-calf.  Not sure about that yet.  I've done 2 different views on what I could do with the side fastening area.  One view ties and the other view fastens with 3 loop & button closure.  I'm leaning towards the loop & button.  Mostly because it will be a smooth canvas for a bit of embroidery. 

Next are the fabrics I've chosen for the robe.  The big stack on the bottom is the flannel I found at the Quilt Sampler which is the closest quilting fabric shop to me.  The fabric registers as more green than blue in the picture but, believe me, it has just as much blue.  Funny.  The next piece on top of the flannel is the batik which will make up some of the facings and possibly the cuffs (if I decide to add them).  The last 3 pieces are going to be used in the applique embroidery I've chosen to try out on the fabric.  The designs I'll try out are called Paisley Lace and I got them from OESD.   Well, this is all I have time for today.

Tomorrow I'll have time to start stitching out samples and I'll also start making up a muslin of the robe in some cheap flannel I got FTSWALTH (from the stores we all love to hate).  Btw, one wash and that flannel already pills something awful. 

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