Friday, September 9, 2011

Robe Embroidery tests

Here is the first of three tests I did on my Ellisimo.  I used a piece of really cheapo flannel I got 60% off at Joann's.  This was mainly to get used to doing applique' again.  It's been awhile.  These were the first colors I choose and I'm not really impressed.  Too blah...

With the second test, I changed a couple of the colors and fabric.  This is the actual flannel the robe will be made from.  I chose a darker blue and a darker green.  I like this one a bit better.  Color choices show up better.  But it doesn't Pop.  So....onto the next.

Here I traded out the the lighter green for a rusty orange.  This rusty orange is reflected in tiny flecks of the same color all over the fabric.  To me, this works really well and I think I'll stop with this color combination.  Oh, almost forgot, I changed the satin stitch color to be just a bit lighter too. 

What do you think?  Pretty good?

I'm making pattern changes now and soon I'll show you the changes and the muslin I'll make up from that crappy purple flannel.  LOL.



  1. I like the addition of the last color. It does make the design pop.