Monday, September 5, 2011

Idea for a Winter Robe...

Now that my coat is mostly done (button & buttonholes left), I'm starting to think of what I need next in my wardrobe.  I guess I need a new winter robe.  Alan was constantly complaining telling my how much he disliked my current robe.  Kept saying me how "old lady" and shapeless it was.  Hmmm, well it was comfy.  LOL.  It was one of those robes on sale that was made from minky fabric, zipped up the front and just kinda "hung" on me. 

So I've started to really put some thought into it.  I really don't want another robe made of minky or terry cloth for that matter.  I need something that won't show pet hair too much so not too dark a color.  I was thinking about using a nice flannel from the quilting store.  Now you all know I love purple.  So off I went looking for a purple flannel to use as a backdrop for some embroidery.  After visiting 2 of the local shops, did I find purple?  Nooooo, weird don't ya think?   Purple is a winter color too.  Women just love purple.  LOL.  I looked on the internet and not much appealed to me there either.  So I had to change my mind on the color.  Gahhhh!  It's like having your mouth all set for a particular food and then you don't get it.  So...  After wondering around The Quilt Sampler, I finally found a flannel I could live with.  Literally.  Its a blend of denim blue & a sage green on a cream background with flecks of rust.  Pretty.  Cat hair proof.  LOL.  I also found a batik with the exact same range of colors in it I can use for facings, etc. on the inside of the robe and possibly as cuffs for the sleeves.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the fabric and the pattern I'll be using to start my robe.  As usual, it will require modifications.



  1. Sounds a lot more sophisticated than the rainbow cartoon cat print fleece I'm going to make mine from :-)