Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chanel Progress...

Previously, I showed you the basted pieces.  Now this is a piece that has been quilted.  This is all I'm doing right now, basting and quilting ALL the pieces together.  There are sixteen separate pieces to this jacket.  I have four more to do and I'll have my homework done for the next Claire K. class where we'll start actual construction.  

I've been doing a little running around looking for yarns to make my trim and have found a couple of good possibilities.  These dark teals should set it off really nice.

I'm going to finish basting/quilting the last four pieces then stop.  I'll be going back to the winter robe project.  I'm itching to get it done.  LOL.

More Later...


  1. Those are exquisite fabrics, and they will look gorgous with your hair and coloring.