Saturday, September 10, 2011

Robe pattern alterations

Well...I noticed my multi-sized pattern says (8-14).  It must have been the only one they had in stock.  Sigh.  I start with a 16.   Sooooo, along with my regular alterations I had to size it up one size from the neck through the waist, then to a 18-20 through the hips.  So to make my life a little easier I did some of the size additions in the middle of the pattern by cutting the center line and making my addition.  I also changed the height of the crossover front pieces.  I lowered them a bit.  When I tissue fit to Ruby, I noticed they crossed right over the boobage.  So I lowered them to cross under the boobage.  LOL.  Here is a picture of the front crossover pieces on Ruby with one of my alterations (the line drawn where to cut to lower the fronts).

Notice I haven't yet addressed the length of the robe.   Below is a picture of the changes actually made to the pattern. 

The cut piece is the piece that allows the robe to go under the boobage.  LOL.  Or so I hope.  I'll be making a test/muslin of the blouse before I actually make the robe so I can do any tweaking that might be necessary.

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