Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jean Jacket/Vest Complete...

Yes its finally done!  I really, really like it.  And I have several more planned now.  Probably a couple with sleeves too.  I really don't think a girl can have enough jean jackets in her wardrobe.  LOL.  And I didn't mind sewing on the scattered sequins like I thought I would.  I found some metal buttons at JoAnn's that even have that Used look to match the worn denim from my old blue jeans.  I'm really lovin' this jacket/vest!

I'm thinking about my next project already!!  LOL!


  1. Beautiful, Belinda. I just had my husband put a bag of old jeans out in the garage to be donated...I guess they'll be coming back inside!

  2. Gorgeous vest! I love denim, especially dressed up denim. Your embroidery is dynamite!