Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I give up - its a wadder

I hate to admit a failure - especially with the Chanel style jacket.  I've seen so many beautiful versions out on the internet.  Sigh. 

I've installed sleeves and the lining.  All I have left to do is the sleeve hems and the hem of the jacket itself.  But I've adjusted, poked, prodded and its just not making me satisfied enough to wear it.  And if I won't wear it, I can't justify spending any more time on it.  I've probably over 80 hours on this jacket, what with all the fitting process I went through along with the laying out, marking and sewing.  It has been a learning experience and I guess that's the main point of tackling anything new.

Mistakes I made on this project:

Not having enough fabric in the first place; there was only 1 1/4 yards of 60 inch fabric. 

I should have block fused the whole piece instead of cutting and then fusing.  When I fused each individual piece, they shrunk.   Because I didn't figure that out until I had the front and back put together & was test fitting, I had to rip seams and re-sew. 

Instead of Perfect Fuse Light, I should have used Perfect Fuse Sheer.  I didn't really like the hand (or feel) of the fabric after fusing.  It was heavier than I wanted for the finished jacket.

And lastly, the style doesn't really suit me.  I've never worn a cardigan style jacket and thought it might be nice to add to my wardrobe.  But it was not meant to be.  Note to self; make sure you go to the department store to try on a new style before making it up. I'm going to quit kicking myself and get onto the next project.

As always...more lata!

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