Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jean Vest...

I'll bet you thought I was being a lazy blogger since the weather has decided to be a little nicer and I'm really wanting to be outside.  Actually I have been working on the vest and do have some progress to show you.  I received the teeny, tiny sequins (2.5mm), in the mail over the weekend.  The site had a $12 minimum order so I ordered a bunch of different colors that I thought I might use over the course of a million years.  LOL.  Along with clothing, I thought to use some them on the doll party outfits I'll be making for our American Girl doll project. As you can see, I didn't get too carried away since I only purchased 9 colors.  LOL.  But they were only $1.15-$1.75 per package and you get anywhere from 2000 to 3000 sequins depending on the color you order.  I ordered them from a little company in Arkansas called Cartwright's Sequins.

Now onto the actual embroidery.  I've made up the largest piece of embroidery; the center back panel.  And applied all of the sequins I think it needs.  Actually I just kind of scattered them around.  I want just a touch of bling without being brassy looking.  I know its hard to see the sequins; they are very hard to photograph.  But click on the picture and you'll see them on the enlargement.  If you like it, let me know!  LOL.  I'm working on the design of the 2 narrow center front panels.  Right now, I'm planning on embroidering the center back panel, the 2 narrow front panels, the collar and the pocket flaps.  The pocket flaps and center back are complete.

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