Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kwik Sew 2895 - Jean Vest

I've already decided on my next project.  I'll be using the same Kwik Sew jacket pattern, (2895), I used to create my leopard jean jacket.  But this time it will be a sleeveless vest.

I have about a thousand pair of old blue jeans in my collection that I no longer wear since I'm not a size 8 any more.  LOL.  This vest will take approximately 2 pairs of jeans since there are so many pieces.  I've cut out all the same pieces excluding the sleeves for this vest.  I'll do a bias binding of the armholes with left over jean fabric.  The 2 narrow panels in the front and the larger middle panel in the back plus the collar will have embroidery.  I got the idea from the current issue (153) of Threads magazine.  I'm even using the same designs they used in the article - OESD's Urban Trends 12281.

This is as close as I'll ever get to making an "art" piece.  LOL. 

This is a sample of the embroidery I'll be using on the vest itself.  Their are outline type designs that you lay down first to give some texture to the fabric.  Then you whatever colors you want and lay down the satin stitch designs.  In the Threads article, they talk about making the designs high contrast colors.  They use white thread on white fabric and the satin stitch designs are done in a bright red.  Very pretty.  But for my approach, I wanted a more subtle effect.  Hence, the pale blue denim color background designs and 3 shades of blue for the satin stitches.

When the embroider on each piece is complete, I'll add some 2 or 2.5mm flat sequins scattered around the embroidery to give it just a bit of bling.  I'm going to check Michael's and Hobby Lobby today for the sequins and if I can't find what I want locally, I've already found a place online where I can order them.


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