Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Inspired by Threads" Contest

About a month ago I entered 2 garments, shirts, into the "Inspired by Threads" magazine contest.  Both shirts are featured here on my blog.  They were the Ladybug sleeveless top and the Candlewick N Roses long sleeve shirt.  We had to say which Threads article was our inspiration for making whatever project we made.  For the Ladybug shirt, Threads issue 150 "Whimsical Ideas for Fresh, Fun Blouses" was my inspiration.  In making the Candlewick N Roses blouse, Threads issue 140 "Three Takes on the Classic White Shirt" got the creative juices flowing.  The editors chose the top 5 candidates and both my shirts made it!  And then everyone was asked to vote for their favorite!  Guess what?  My Candlewick N Roses shirt won!  How cool is that?  I've provided a link below so you can see the article at Threads magazine's online site.

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