Sunday, November 7, 2010

Falling Leaves part 3 - The Idiot can't measure

Gah!!!!  I thought something looked just wrong with my runner.  Well...I was so focused on getting the width correct on my pieces I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THE LENGTH!  So instead of being around 26 X 48 its going to be 26 X 32.  Way shorter than I wanted.  I don't have enough fabric left to re-cut and re-embroider because its from my stash and is about 20 years old.   I'll just have to make do with the piece as is.  You can picture me kicking myself for having my head in the clouds.

Another reason I'm a little off is that my dear friend Elaine is moving from Tulsa to Tampa/Houston.  Her husband has been transferred and they will live in Tampa full time and visit their family in the Houston area.  We met while attending the Embroidery Club meetings at B-Sew Inn and hit it off.  Elaine and I both love heirloom sewing and took smocking classes from Silvia (Delicate Stitches).  Elaine you will be missed alot.

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  1. I make these types of mistakes at night---so, now I rarely measure or cut anything after 6:00 pm. I do better with hand work when I'm tired after a long day. I'm sorry to hear about your friend moving away. I can relate. One of my dearest quilting friends moved to Indiana from Calif. 3 yrs. ago. I miss her a lot, and all the fun we had together sewing, shopping, lunches and coffee and doing projects together. Good friends shouldn't move away! Right!