Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Holly Days!

Yes I know I've been pretty slack with no posts for over a week.  But...I have been sewing & I've finished another project, this time for my Etsy shop.  I love making table toppers.  Some might find it tedious but I really like planning and laying out the designs.  And...I have about a gazillion designs and probably won't use them all in my lifetime.  LOL.  And with the Christmas holidays coming up, I thought using some pretty holly designs might be nice.  The designs used here are from www.hatchedinafrica.com  and called Elegant Holly.  I'm now working on a quilted topper for my sister's coffee table, but I'll be making another topper shortly - black fabric with bright poinsettia designs.  I'll outline my whole process and what products I've used to acheive these results.  Here are pictures of the topper.  Enjoy! 

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