Sunday, November 21, 2010

Falling Leaves - Finished!!!

Well I finally got to sit down and finish Deb's runner.  I've collected a lot of Jenny Haskin's books and designs ( I swear I'll make one of the quilts one of these days.) LOL.  And I really like how she joins the blocks.  You put all 3 layers together (top fabric - batting - backing), embroider your design and quilt it however you like and then cut it to the correct block size.  You then take 2 of the blocks & using an edge join foot on your sewing machine, you zigzag them together.  She calls it the "Jenny Join".  Here is a close up on a test block.

Below is a picture of 2 of the large blocks joined by zigzag stitches.

 When you have your blocks joined in this manner, you then choose a decorative satin stitch to cover the zigzag stitching.  You load the bobbin with the same color thread you use in the needle.  And it looks like this.

Looks nice doesn't it?  LOL.  Now we have the completed project with the binding sewn.

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