Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Falling Leaves Runner for Deb

My sister Deb wants a runner for her new coffee table for Christmas.  I've come up with a design and she's shopped my stash.  Here are the fabrics she chose.

Here's picture of the design I came up with and how I want to use the 2 fabrics Deb chose.  Its a pretty rough drawing but I just wanted to get it down on paper to better visualize it. 

I've cut out the pieces I need for the black fabric that is going to be embroidered with leaves.  I've given the pieces an extra bit of fabric at each side for some shrinkage in the embroidery and quilting.  Below is a picture of the cut piece adhered to the batting with KK2000.  I've also drawn my center line and used my 5 X 7 hoop to draw the 2 outside lines pictured.  I know its a little hard to see the markings but you can click on the picture and it will get a bit bigger.  But you'll get the idea of what I'm trying to achieve. 

Next, I've laid out the templates for the leaf designs in the places I'm going embroider them.  I'll mark the positions and do the embroidery.

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