Monday, October 11, 2010

Presentation at B-Sew Inn of Tulsa

The Scattered Sewist (me!!!) has been asked by our local B-Sew Inn, which is the largest Babylock dealer in the country, to give a presentation (this Thursday the 14th) on how I use embroidery in garment making.  How Cool is that!  I've been informed B-Sew Inn feels they been a little narrowly focused on just embroidery and not enough on other aspects of these super versatile machines.  As such, feel they would like to put more emphasis on garment making of all kinds.  This is where I come in.  LOL.  As you all know, my passion is garment making.  I'll be bringing 4 or 5 garments I've made that all have embroidery of some type added to the garment while under construction.   I'll be bringing a Trench Coat (lined), 2 Shirts, a lined Vest & an heirloom baby dress made of batiste.  I'll bring the patterns and the samples I made while testing.   I'm soooooo nervous! LOL.

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