Sunday, October 10, 2010

Knit Voyage 3 & Butternut!

Well just on the off chance I might learn something, I went to Pattern Review and looked at the reviews for Vogue 8616.  Hmmmm, the reviews are mixed.  I think I'm going to shorten the pattern a bit; one of the complaints was the pattern length didn't match the pattern picture on the front.  In fact, it really was tunic length instead of the hip length shown.  Also some weren't comfortable with the height of the standup collar.  So...I've decided once I reduce the length of the pattern and cut it out, I'll be basting everything together to do a test fit.  There's a zipper in the back neck and some said that it really wasn't needed since there was so much stretch in the fabrics used.  I'll probably eliminate the zipper.   Hopefully I'll get some work done tomorrow.  Right now I'm in the process of making roasted butternut squash soup (roasted with onions, lots of garlic & a hint of sage) to be served with a crusty french bread and salad.  I sure wish Alan would get home soon; I'm starving! LOL.

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