Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Candlewick & Roses...Done!!! took me a couple of days to finish the buttons and buttonholes.  Did the buttonholes first.  Btw, did I ever say I always embroider my buttonholes now?  Oh gads!  Its sew much easier!  Then I marked the corresponding locations for the buttons.  Don't you hate it when you purchase a great blouse and then it gapes in the front?  Grrrrr.  Ever since I started noticing that happening, I've been moving the dang locations for buttons.  Now no more gaping.

This really is a great pattern.  I can see myself making this several times before getting bored with it.

Each button has a rose bud hand embroidered into it.  I thought adding this bit of hand embroidery made it touch more feminine without going over the top.  I really hate phoofy.  Is that even a word?  LOL.

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