Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vintage Vogue 2884

This is a Vogue re-issue of a 1954 design and is, again, out of print.  But you can still purchase in the OOP section of Vogue's on-line catalog.  I love the lines of this coat and I think it will be a great casual coat to add to my wardrobe.  This is the pattern I'm making up in a class with Claire Kennedy.  I'm learning some traditional tailoring techniques on the coat lapel/collar.

I met up with Claire in OKC at Helen Enox Fabrics and we selected a navy wool/acrylic/unknown (unknown because I don't remember) as the fashion fabric, a navy organdy to underline and a navy Bemburg as the lining.  Pretty blah I know but since I want to make this pattern up a second time, I thought I would make it easy on myself for the first go-round.  LOL.  The second time around, I can picture this in black with the cutouts under the are in some sort of black & white herringbone or some other kind of print. 

The first day we spent altering the pattern to suit my somewhat pear shaped figure.  I added 2 inches in length and a couple inches of width all around.  Since there are about 100 pattern pieces to the coat (LOL it sure seemed like it anyway), it took all day to get them altered.  The second day of class I spent basting the underlining fabric to the fashion fabric on the pieces getting the pad-stitching.  I also got the first lapel/collar pad-stitched.  Here's a picture of what I did.  Not really that professional looking but I think it gets the job done.  The picture shows the undercollar.  If you look carefully, you'll see the fabric is rolling to form the fold.  This is done by the hand stitching.  So far, I have both undercollar's done and next I'll be starting on the back piece of the collar.  Once the pad stitching is complete, I'll actually begin construction.  Yea!!!


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