Friday, June 17, 2011

Butterick 5354 TNT

I've made this pattern once before out of some old (like 20 years old LOL) cotton interlock I had hanging around.  I made up view C the first go around.  I'm going to make that view again but I think I'll make the longer length and add an inch or so to the sleeves.  They were just a touch short for me. 

Once you get the pleats in the front, it makes up in a couple of hours.  Totally easy t-shirt.  This time I made it up in a really nice cotton/rayon knit from Sawyer Brook Fabrics.  They said it was a print made up for Chicos.  I only purchased 1.5 yards so I had to put a seam in the back.  There are no darts but the pleats provide plenty of room for boobage.  LOL.

 Here's a closeup of the pleat detail at the neckline.  I really love the hand of the fabric, its almost crepe-like but not, if that makes any sense.  LOL.   This time I made up view D with 3/4 sleeves.

Instead of using a facing, as they do in the pattern, this time I cut bias stripes of the fabric and just sewed a bias finish to the neckline.  But that's pretty much the only thing I changed. 

I have a turquoise knit I'll be making up next in this pattern; view C short sleeves this time. 

Next time...


  1. Belinda, that is a very cute top! I love the longer sleeves and length on the body too. I hate showing my upper arms anymore. So, I look for tops with some coverage there. Cute fabric!

  2. Great top! I think I have this pattern in my stash. This makes me want to go dig it out and sew it up!

  3. Thanks ladies! I think this particular pattern is very versatile and I believe its a TNT for me.