Monday, April 30, 2012

A Recap and some progress

To sum up what I've done so far to the 50th wedding outfit:  3 muslin's to get the fit right on the shell, the purchase of an extra 2 yards of Dupioni (a good thing too), the purchase of waxed tracing paper, enlisted Claire's help in fitting the pants and now I've started making the couture shell. 

In the above picture, I have my silk organza laid out with the pattern pinned onto it and it is lying atop white waxed tracing paper held down with pattern weights.  I traced all of the seam lines, marked all the dots, etc.  When one side was complete, I removed the pattern, turned it over and traced the other side using the lines on the organza.  Two of my pieces didn't have seams lines printed on them so I had to mark them myself.

With the waxed tracing complete for all the pieces (4), I then pinned each piece to my Dupioni.

The next step is tracing by thread all of the seam lines.  This process marries the two fabrics into one and you treat it as one hereafter.  I have a number of these to complete but I hope to get them all done today.  Keep your fingers crossed.  LOL.

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