Sunday, April 8, 2012

Muslin #1 - Shell

I should mention, I really don't care for the shell on V2779, so I decided to use a Palmer/Pletsch pattern 2818.
I'll make the one in the lower left corner with the scalloped hem.  This particular pattern uses facings but I'll change that to a lining.  It also buttons in the back.  Sorry no pictures of the shell on me this time.  Alan wasn't available.  Maybe with Muslin #2.  And there will be a second muslin.  LOL.  Actually the first wasn't too bad.  Also, as usual, I'll be adding a inch at the side seams for my hips.  But the first and only change I made before cutting out the pattern was to drop the bust point 1 inch.  The girls just aren't as perky as they were.  LOL.  Take note of the purple fabric the pattern pieces are on.  This is some really cheap poly with the look of dupioni.  I have about 3 yards of it and it took less than one yard to cut out the four pieces of this shell.
Here's the front.  Ignore the terrible ironing job I did.  Plus this stuff wrinkles if you blow on it.  You'll notice there is a tiny tuck taken at the neckline.  When I had it on, it needed the tuck.  But the drop of one inch worked out nicely in the way it fit me.  
And the back.  I can't pin/button it all the way down because there isn't enough room.  I'll split the center back pieces to add a bit more.  Not too bad though.

Now this is just weird.  Do you see how the hemline seems to curve up in front?  Believe or not the pattern does that!  So I took the bull by the horns and added a bit to the side front and front pieces.  

I'm ready to cut out my second try but I thought you all might like to see the progress I've made.



  1. What a funny hemline to raise up like that - I would have added to it as you did. Looking good, though. Looking forward to the 'real' version...

  2. I like that pattern, and have that pattern. Odd that the front is shorter than the back. Do you think that's a drafting problem or a design detail?

  3. I made this pattern up a year or so ago (before I was adding my sewing to PR, etc). The top turned out ok, however I can't remember it curving up in the front - I probably didn't notice.

    Look forward to seeing the end result