Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do the Limbo...

While I'm waiting for my waxed tracing paper (& some sew-in hair canvas) order to arrive, I'm thought I would write about how I'm going to tackle making the shell for my outfit now that I have it fitted to my satisfaction.  I'm taking the on-line course on Craftsy by Susan Khalje called the Couture Dress.  And I thought I remembered an article in the Threads Archive that mirrored the class except it was for a shell.  So I found in issue  #125 a master class by Susan Khalje called "Eliminate separate facings for elegant edges - A lining technique goes couture".  The shell is a smaller project and I think I have plenty of time to make it using couture methods.  My fabric, as you've seen, is a dusky purple Dupioni.  It's recommended to use silk organza to underline and I have purchased some purple Bemburg for my lining. 

Sooo, to put it in a nutshell, I'll be cutting out my fashion fabric with an increased seam allowance of 1 to 1 1/2 inches.  Using the tracing paper, I'll transfer all of the pattern markings from my pattern to the underlining.  Basting the fabric and underlining together, they will then be treated as the fashion-fabric unit.  I'll sew all the seams, pressing the allowances open and catch-stitching them down.  Staystitch the curved openings, Press the staystitched openings having the stitching fall just inside the neck and arm edges to keep it hidden from the right side.  Then clip and tack the seam allowances to the underlining.  Construct the lining.  Then apply the lining by hand with fell stitches.  And the last couture step will be to understitch the edges with a prickstitch.  And, of course, I'll try to document my steps for you as I go along with the project.

So - what do you think?  LOL.  Am I crazy?


  1. That will be a great learning experience. Why not a couture shell? I'm fascinated.

    1. I agree Gwen. I'm all about learning something new with every piece I make.