Monday, March 5, 2012

Bits & Pieces...

Thank you everyone for your kind remarks on my heirloom cami.  I really do appreciate your taking the time to read my blog and make a comment. 

This post would have been up last Thursday but we had family in for a long weekend visit.  I spend a lot of my time cleaning and prepping the overflow fabric storage guest room to be presentable.  LOL.  It was nice to visit again; it's been years since we'd been able to get together.

One commenter mentioned moving from a "masterpiece" to a T-shirt?  LOL.  When you have a wonderful DH who supports my fabriholicism  (hmmm is that even word?), I have to placate him with a garment or two.  Lately his thing is t-shirts.  He's tall, 6'3" and not overweight.  Probably 200 pounds.  Why is it when you try to buy for tall they always think overweight too?  So if I/he purchased a shirt, its huge in the belly area.  He has his shirts made now just so he can get a decent athletic cut.  Why am I not making his shirts, you say?  Well, for one thing, the fabrics are really beautiful and so much better than I can get my hands on and secondly, they can make them so much cheaper than I can.  And because he purchases several at a time, he gets $100 shirts for half price.  It's a really good deal. Oh, lastly, what is more boring than making a man's business shirt.  Ugh.  So I make him a casual shirt here and there.

Hence going from an heirloom camisole to a tee.  LOL.

This is Kwik Sew 3878.  I'll be making View A.  Once I have this fitted to his satisfaction, it'll be a no-brainer to sew.  I even have a fabric to test it. 

I'm pressing the pattern and prepping the fabric.

Back soon with more progress.


  1. All good reasons. I've been making some shirts for my DH just to practice and improve my skills.

  2. I made my DH a dress shirt once. I agree---you can buy them with better fabric than you can buy. Besides, I think I worked for 50 cents an hour by making the shirt. My crowning moment was figuring out how to put in the double yoke without handstitching it closed. 30 years ago I invented the hot dog method---or at least I'm claiming to have invented it! I made him a pair of dress slacks, too.
    Been there, done that! I never felt the need to prove I could do either of those again! LOL


  3. I've been thinking about making t-shirts for my hubby but haven't built up the nerve yet. Hubs is also tall, with a large neck size and broad shoulders. I don't have much experience with knits, so I just haven't taken the plunge. Do you have any suggestions for quality knit sources?