Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm always on the look out for a great T-shirt and I must have 1400 t-shirt patterns. I was looking through them the other night and thought it might be fun to make M6244.  I thought view B, the one with the diagonal hemline, would be interesting and out-of-the box for me.  But I didn't want a sleeveless version.  So I made up view B with long sleeves.

This pattern is sized S-M-L-Xlg.  I usually make up a large but I wound up taking it in majorly under the arms - 2 inches on each side.  So I probably could have gotten away with a medium.  Woohoo Vanity sizing!  LOL.  But I have to tell you I really like this pattern.  Next time I'll make with 3/4 sleeves.  I have several cotton knits and a couple of jersey knits I think would look great in.  Oh...I almost forgot this tee is seriously low necked.  I raised the front by 2 inches and the back by 1 1/2 inches.  So be aware.  LOL.  A couple more changes I made were to use my coverstitch machine on the hem and to add a bias cut band around the neckline.  This added a little and didn't feel quite so bare. 

More later!


  1. Love the colour of this t-shirt. I have this pattern and have just marked on it to watch out for the low neckline - thanks!!!! Like the idea of the 3/4 sleeves...

    1. Thanks! I'm cutting out my second version now. The only thing I would add is use a more slippery knit. I used a cotton knit for the raspberry muslin. I wear jeans all the time and you know how cotton clings. So instead of having to pull the hem down, a slippery knit would take care of that issue.